Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi you sweet lookin' bunch of people!

Thanks ever so much for popping by. I've been working on our kelder (basement) since autumn last year. we've cleaned the entire space, cracked some bricks, broke a window (accidently!) sand and painted the walls and moved some of the stuff in... and now, it's down to me to decorate the room (the exciting bit!).

We bought ourselves an old house when we first moved here. we renovated almost the entire house but left the kelder as it is. it used to be a dark little room below the stairs. and now, after a lot of hardy's sweat, and me planning.. a lot of work, and dirty shirts and pants (many thanks to my dad for helping us out last year with the painting!) the room is now done! Hardy and i put the carpets in last year and i moved most of the stuff in my craftroom to the kelder. finally, we have now made use of the space!

I still need to find myself some shelves, consoles or a small buffet cupboard perhaps... and probably make some curtains to cover the pipes (lots of pipes down there!) challenging, but it makes it all so very interesting too! i'm going to try not to spend much money here. that's the whole idea. it's just gonna be a shabby old place with lots of soft and sweet stuff! it's gonna be wicked working down there!

We love looking at beautiful things dont we? most of us get inspired by looking at lovely things. That's my purpose of having such space. I've decided that this blog is for everything that's in my Cotton*Candy Kelder. my main craft blog still remains where it is (for now!). i love making things, creating. and i also love collecting. having both my craft room and a place to display makes it all complete.

So now, come on in, have a sit, or browse around.. i'll put the kettle on and we'll have some tea and cakes!